e-Books (DNAML/Desktop Author) 电子书(DNAML/ Desktop Author)

Many vendors are excited about the idea of creating electronic books to sell online using the application Desktop Author. If you are interested in purchasing this application so you can create e-books to sell through MyCommerce, please visit 许多发行商为利用Desktop Author程序建立电子书进行网上销售这方式感到兴奋。如果你对购买该程序感兴趣,想要建立电子书通过MyCommerce销售,请访问

If you already have the application and have questions on how to begin creating your e-book and/or how to implement it into MyCommerce, please visit for a step-be-step guide. For a general step-by-step product setup guide in MyCommerce, please visit here. 如果你已经拥有该程序,但在如何建立电子书或如何把它应用到MyCommerce上有疑问,请访问查阅步骤指南。如需产品设置的整体步骤指南,请浏览 这里

How does the purchase process work? 购买流程如何实现?

There are two ways for customers to make a purchase of an e-book created by Desktop Author: Trialware/"Limited" purchase and Direct purchase. If the customer purchased through the trial (limited) version of the e-book (i.e., when the customer can only view the first 4 pages, for example), on the final thank-you page of the order they will see a red Click Here to Activate link. Once they click that link, the license key will automatically inject and unlock the rest of the e-book. If, for some reason the customer does not click that link, you can find the license key by doing the following: 客户在购买以Desktop Author建立的电子书时有两种方法:试用版/限制版购买和直接购买。如果客户是通过电子书的试用版(限制版)进行购买(也就是,例如当客户只可以浏览前4页),在订单最后的感谢页面,客户会看到红色的点击这里以激活的链接。客户一旦点击该链接,许可密钥将会自动注入电子书并开启电子书的其余部分。如果客户由于某些原因而没有点击该链接,还可以按照以下操作找到许可密钥:

  • Look up the order in your control panel. Click on the Order ID > Click on the Order Item ID (for the product) > Select "View Entitlement" from the dropdown and click "Go!". You should then see the license key. This also applies to if the customer purchased the product directly from the website (and not the trial/limited version). If it is purchased through the trial/limited version, it will say "Trialware purchase".
    查找控制面板中的订单。点击订单ID>点击订购产品ID(产品)>从下拉列表选择"View Entitlement"并点击“Go!”。这样你就可以看到许可密钥了。这个方法同样适用于客户直接在网站上够买产品的情况(不是试用版/限制版)。如果是通过试用版/限制版的购买,它将显示"Trialware purchase"。

    Note: The trial version download link for your e-book will be (replace XXXXX-X with your product ID):
    注: 您电子书的试用版下载链接将是(用您的产品ID替换XXXXX-X):

    If the customer purchased through the direct purchase link, on the final thank-you page there will be a download link. The customer would then have to download the e-book. Once the product is launched, the key will auto-inject. 如果客户是通过直接购买链接进行购买,在最后的感谢页面上将会有一个下载链接,这时客户只需下载该电子书。当软件在安装后启动时,密钥将自动注入。

    Note: The user will have to download the e-book reader in order to view your e-book. They can get this at 注:用户需要下载电子书阅读器才能阅读电子书。阅读器可从这里下载

    Note: If no license key has been generated, you can select "Deliver License Key" from the same dropdown menu as "View Entitlement" (read above). On the next page, enter the customer's hardware ID (they can get this by hitting CTRL + SHIFT + I while having the e-book open) and click "Deliver". A license key will then be sent to their email address. 注: 如果许可密钥没有生成,你可以从同一下拉选单上把"View Entitlement"选为"Deliver License Key"(参阅上面)。在下一页输入客户硬件ID(这可在打开电子书后点击CTRL + SHIFT + I获得),然后点击"Deliver"。许可密钥将会发送到他们的邮箱地址。