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MyCommerce is now certified Hacker Safe! 目前MyCommerce已通过了Hacker Safe认证!

In our continuing efforts to provide a safe and secure environment for our customers, MyCommerce is now displaying the Hacker Safe logo on our ordering pages. Sites that display this Logo have seen up to a 10% increase in close ratios, which directly translates into more sales. 我们不断努力地为我们的客户提供一个安全可靠的环境,MyCommerce目前在我们的订购页面标有Hacker Safe logo,显示该标识的网站见证了高达10%的成功交易率增长,即直接转化成更多的销售量。

Hacker Safe certification is designed to meet or exceed the vulnerability audit requirements of all credit card companies, as well as the FBI's Internet Security Test. Hacker Safe sites are accredited by American Express to meet the requirements of their Data Security Program and by MasterCard to meet the requirements of their Site Data Protection (SDP) program. Hacker Safe认证目的在满足或超越所有信用卡公司的易受攻击程度审核要求和美国联邦调查局的网络安全测试。Hacker Safe网站是被美国运通卡公司公认满足他们的数据安全项目要求和万事达卡公司公认满足网站数据保护(SDP)项目要求。

To earn Hacker Safe certification, sites must pass over 3,000 daily security checks which probe all of the known methods and tricks hackers use to steal customer information. If a customer clicks on the Hacker Safe logo on the order forms, a new window will open with our certification information. 要获得Hacker Safe认证,网站每天必须通过超过3000个针对所有黑客用于窃取客户信息的已知方式和骗术的安全检查。如果客户在订购单上点击Hacker Safe logo,我们的认证信息详情的新窗口将会 打开。

With credit card security and identity theft rated the top concern among online shoppers, we need to make our customers feel certain that their privacy won't be violated. Shoppers often make their buy decision based on the perception of security, and we feel that Hacker Safe certification will be an important factor in this process. 随着信用卡安全和身份窃取被视为网上购买者担心的头等大事,我们需要让客户确信他们的隐私不受侵犯。购买者在做出购买决定时常常是基于安全感,我们认为Hacker Safe认证是这个过程的重要因素。

This option can be found in your control panel. Under "Account Settings," choose the "Order Setup" tab. You will see an option to turn this feature on/off and select the graphic you want to appear on your order pages. 您可以在控制面板上找到该选项,选择"Account Settings"项下的"Order Setup"标签,您会看到启用/撤销该功能的选项,还可以选择您希望显示在订单页面上的图表。

For more information on Hacker Safe Certification, please visit: 关于Hacker Safe认证的更多信息,请浏览:http://www.scanalert.com

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