License Options/Setup Guide

Our system offers a wide variety of methods to generate and deliver license codes/serial numbers to customers. These options allow us to handle the customer's entire end-to-end order experience for you, from payment collection to final delivery. You can utilize our Product Configuration Wizard to help guide you through setting up your product, including choosing a delivery method/license option. After each description of the different licensing options we offer, you'll find some tips to assist you in setting up each option. For more advanced users, we also provide documentation of specific examples for each method here 我们系统为客户提供多种许可证代码/序列号的生成和交付选项。这些选项让我们可以为您解决您的客户由收取付款至最终交付的端到端的完整体验。您可以利用我们的Product Configuration Wizard(产品设置向导)来协助您完成产品的整个设置过程,其中包括了交付方式/许可证选项的选择。在我们所提供的各种不同许可证选项的描述之后,您会看到一些设置选项的帮助提示。我们在这里也为更高级的用户提供关于每个选项的具体示例文件。

What should I know about MyCommerce Platform specifics prior to selecting a License Option? 我在选择许可证选项之前应该了解MyCommerce平台的哪些细节信息?

For each product that you setup, there will be a corresponding XML File, also referred to as "Configuration File" in the MyCommerce Control Panel. You can manage these configurations from the XML File Manager. Our products delivery, pricing, and custom fields (including validation) use these XML Configurations. For some of the possibilities of XML Configuration on our system, check out this documentation. As you familiarize yourself with the system, we encourage you to learn more about XML Configuration on our system. 您所设置的每一个产品都有一个相应的XML档案,在MyCommerce 控制面板里面也称为"Configuration File",您可以通过XML File Manager加以管理。我们的产品交付、定价和自定义字段(包括验证)都使用这些XML配置。要查看我们系统上XML配置可能达成的效果,请查阅此文件。随着您对我们系统有所熟悉,建议您多了解我们系统上XML Configuration的内容。

Please note that after the wizard is completed you will be required to submit the product to the Product Setup Team, who will then review the details of your product, ensuring that the XML Configuration is correct. The normal turnaround time for product setup completion is no more than two business days. Please include this time in your scheduled product launches. Once setup is completed for a particular product, you will receive an email providing further instructions and your Order Page URL for testing. 请注意,在完成向导操作后您需要把产品提交给我们的Product Setup Team,让他们对产品的详细信息进行确认,以确保XML Configuration正确。通常完成产品设置仅需2个工作日的时间,请您在预定发布时间时把这段时间考虑进来。一旦某个产品设置完成,您将会收到邮件给您进一步的说明并提供用于测试的订购页URL。

Each of our delivery methods can be used in conjunction with another method. If you have questions, please contact us. 我们的每个交付方式都可以互相结合使用。您若有疑问,请联系我们。

What should I know in general about product setup on the MyCommerce System? 一般而言,我应该了解MyCommerce系统上的产品设置的哪些信息?

  • You can setup a different support email address for each product, or the Account Setting will be used by default. If you use a different email address for a particular product, this is the email address our Customer Service department will give out to customers if they contact us about that particular Product.
    您可以为每个产品设置不同的support email地址,否则将初始默认设置为Account Setting里的邮件地址。如果您对某一产品使用了不同的邮箱地址,在客户咨询此产品时,我们的客服部将让客户联系这个邮箱地址。

  • The Automated Email address is used to send the Vendor Order Notification email, which we send after each completed order on our system. You can set up a different automated email address per product. Note: The default setting is the email address under "Account Settings". You can also enter more than one email address for automated emails by separating each email with a comma.
    Automated Email地址是供系统在订单完成后发送Vendor Order Notification 邮件时使用。您可以为每个产品设置不同的自动邮件地址。注:初始设置默认为"Account Settings"里的邮箱地址。您还可以输入多个邮箱地址作为自动邮件,每个地址间以逗号隔开。
    • To set the Support Email:
      Support Email设置:
      1. Account Level:
        1. Login to your Control Panel
        2. Click on "Account Settings" in the Left Navigation
          点击左导航上"Account Settings"
        3. On the "General" tab, look for "Support Email"
          在"General"标签项下找到"Support Email"
        4. Modify the email address
        5. Select "save"

      2. Product Level:
        1. Login to your Control Panel
        2. Click on "Products"
        3. Select "edit" next to the Product you wish to modify
        4. On the "General" tab, look for "Support Email"
          在"General"标签项下找到"Support Email"
        5. Modify the email address
        6. Select "save"
    • To set the Automated Email:
      Automated Email设置:
      1. Account Level:
        1. Login to your Control Panel 登录您的控制面板
        2. Click on "Account Settings" in the Left Navigation
          点击左导航上"Account Settings"
        3. On the "General" tab, look for "Automated Email"
          在"General"标签项下找到"Automated Email"
        4. Modify the email address
        5. Select "save"

      2. Product Level:
        1. Login to your Control Panel
        2. Click on "Products"
        3. Select "edit" next to the Product you wish to modify
        4. On the "General" tab, look for "Automated Email"
          在"General"标签项下找到"Automated Email"
        5. Modify the email address
        6. Select "save"

  • The MyCommerce Order ID as a complete number provides MyCommerce Order ID uniqueness. No sub-part of the ID is guaranteed to be unique. The last part of the Order ID always consists of 6 digits, and the middle part consists of 1 to 5 digits. An example order ID: 1107784963-30913-998231

  • To have a product disabled, please email us from your Contact Email address with the request.

  • To add a product to the Affiliate Program:
    1. Login to your Control Panel
    2. Click "Products"
    3. Select "edit" next to the Product you wish to modify
    4. On the "General" tab, look for "Affiliate Network"
      在"General"标签项下找到"Affiliate Network"
      1. NOTE: You determine that a product is in the Affiliate Network when selecting the "Product Visibility" checkbox on Page One of the Product Wizard during the product setup phase.
        注:当您在产品设置过程的Product Wizard的第一页上选取了"Product Visibility"选框时,就表示您确定把产品添加到代销商组织网络中。
    5. If the product is not currently in the Affiliate Network, you will have an option to add it.
    6. Click Save

  • Removing a product from the Affiliate Program:
    1. Check the "Affiliate Program: Remove from Affiliate Network" box in the Product Detail page for that product.
      在该产品的Product Detail页面里选取"Affiliate Program: Remove from Affiliate Network"选框。

  • Product Setup Help

The license delivery options available may be broken down into a few specific categories: 提供的许可证交付选项可划分为几个具体分类:

Algorithms 算法

Algorithms consist of source code you provide us in one of three languages, ANSI C/C++, PERL, or JAVA. Because the algorithm to produce the license code is defined by you, it can be as simple or complex as needed. By default, we will pass the order recipient's first and last name separated by a space as the first parameter to your algorithm (other order data may also be passed); this is the "main" function. It is enclosed in double quotes, i.e. "John Smith". It would then be the responsibility of your code to print out a license code suitable for delivering to the customer. We can pass more than just one name, should you require it. 算法包含您提供给我们的以ANSI C/C++、 PERL或 JAVA其中一个语言编写的源代码。因为生成许可代码的算法由您定义,所以它的简单或复杂可以根据需要而定。我们将默认把以空格分开的订单接收人的名和姓传值到您算法,就是"main"函数的第一个参数(其他订单数据也可以传递)。这参数会以双引号围住,即"John Smith"。您的代码将负责输出适合交付给客户的许可代码。如果您需要的话,我们可以传递多个值。

In general, the complexity of the algorithm you create depends on the security needs of your product vs. the amount of development time you may spend writing the license generating code. Some vendors have developed very complex algorithms to produce license codes, while others produce license codes with as little as five lines of code. If you have source code in something other than the three languages we support, such as Visual Basic or Delphi, we would recommend that you take a look at converting these to PERL. For basic algorithms, PERL is a very simple language to learn. If you're not interested in "rolling your own" algorithm to generate license codes, there are several off-the-shelf/third party solutions available. For specifications on what we require of your algorithm source code, please see the algorithm specifications. 总体来说,您所创立的算法的复杂程度由您产品所需要的安全等级和您所花费在编写许可证生成代码的开发时间来决定。有些发行商开发了非常复杂的算法来生成许可代码,而其他则用少至5行的代码。如果您的源代码不是使用我们所支持的三种语言,如Visual Basic 或 Delphi,那么我们建议您参阅转换成PERL的介绍。对基本算法而言,PERL是一种非常易学的语言。您若对自主开发生成许可代码的算法不感兴趣,可以使用现成的/第三方解决方案。关于我们对算法源代码所要求的标准,请查看算法标准说明。

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Remote CGI 远程CGI

MyCommerce streamlines order fulfillment processes by offering real-time delivery of registration information to your customers. Our system easily accommodates code-generating algorithms in ANSI C, ANSI C++, Java, and PERL. For additional flexibility, we tailored our system to call your remote CGI programs, allowing you a great way to maintain control of your license generator, and possibly allow you to run types of source code that aren't possible on our system (for example, custom Windows DLLs). "CGI" stands for "Common Gateway Interface." CGI is the method by which a web server can obtain data from (or send data to) databases, documents, and other programs, and presents that data to viewers via the web. More simply, CGI is programming for the web. A CGI can be written in any programming language. MyCommerce通过向您的客户实时交付注册信息,提高了订单执行过程的效率。我们的系统易于适应以ANSI C、 ANSI C++、 Java和PERL语言编写的注册代码生成算法。为了提供额外的灵活性,我们修改了我们的系统以调用您的远程CGI程序,这样您便可以继续控制您的许可证生成器,而且让您还可以调用各种无法在我们系统上运行的源代码类型(如custom Windows DLLs)。"CGI"代表“普通网关界面”,它是一种使网络服务器能够从(或向)数据库、文件或其他项目中获取数据(或传递数据)的方式。简而言之,CGI是网络编程,编程过程支持所有编程语言。

How CGI works: CGI的运作方式:

  • MyCommerce servers send a request to your web server
    • Request is sent via POST or GET - dependant on your preference
      请求可通过POST或 GET方式发送——取决于您的喜好
    • All parameters (variable=value pairs) are attached to request
      所有参数会以(参数=变量 对应组的形式)附在请求内容里面
  • Your web server runs the license generating script or program
  • Your script returns registration details to MyCommerce servers
    • Response must be in plain text on a single line containing only the license code

When your script has been tested and is working correctly, create and release your product using the Product Wizard. Select the Remote CGI option for your delivery method. You must supply the following: 在您的脚本程序完成测试以及运作正常之后,使用 Product Wizard建立和发布您的产品。选择Remote CGI选项作为您的交付方式,您必须提供以下内容:

  • Exact URL of your CGI script or program
  • Variable names your script is expecting
    • Variable names are assigned within your script and can be anything you desire. MyCommerce need only be informed of what variables you are expecting. Do not assume that variables will be passed in any specific order.
  • Values to be passed with each variable
    • Most information collected from the customer and about the order can be passed to your script for your use. Please limit the variables for your code generator to the information used in generating the license information. Additional processes can be created for your account, in general, for collecting full details of each order.
    • Here"s a list of variables we can pass:
      • Date
      • Order ID
      • Item ID
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Full Name
      • Company
      • Email
      • Address 1
      • Address 2
      • City
      • State
      • Zip
      • Country
      • Phone
      • Ship Country
      • Ship State
      • Customer Email Opt-in
      • Product Name
      • Product Price
      • Product Shipping Price
      • Quantity
      • Order Total USD
      • Profit
      • Currency ID
      • Currency Total
      • Has Tax
      • Vendor ID
      • Affiliate ID
      • Coupon ID
      • Link ID
      • CrossSell
      • Custom fields
    • Here's a list of variables we cannot pass:
      • Customer ID
    • For any static parameters, please provide the value.
  • Method used (GET or POST)
    使用的方式(GET或 POST)

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TIPS for Remote CGI: 远程CGI提示>

At this time we are unable to rerun the process if an ERROR is returned, though this is on our development plan. Please watch for updates in your Announcements area of the Control Panel for more details. 目前如果程序返回ERROR,我们就无法重复调用该程序,虽然它已经在我们开发规划中。请留意您控制面板公告区的更新信息详情。

We manually code these parameters to your specifications, so a complete list is needed prior to the release of your product to the setup team. 我们将按照您的规范要求手动编译这些参数,所以在向我们的setup team发布产品之前,您需要提供一份完整的列表。

XML Example XML示例

   <define-parameter name="license_name"/>
   <remote.connect method="post" url="">
    <remote.cgi-value name="what"><static value="MyNewMyCommerce_Account"/></remote.cgi-value>
    <remote.cgi-value name="date"><date format="mm/dd/yyyy"/></remote.cgi-value>
    <remote.cgi-value name="orderid"><value-of class="orderitem" field="id"/></remote.cgi-value>
    <remote.cgi-value name="item"><value-of class="orderitem" field="product"/></remote.cgi-value>
    <remote.cgi-value name="quantity"><value-of class="orderitem" field="quantity"/></remote.cgi-value>
    <remote.cgi-value name="fname"><value-of class="recipient" field="fname"/></remote.cgi-value>
    <remote.cgi-value name="lname"><value-of class="recipient" field="lname"/></remote.cgi-value>
    <remote.cgi-value name="company"><value-of class="recipient" field="company"/></remote.cgi-value>
    <remote.cgi-value name="add1"><value-of class="recipient" field="add1"/></remote.cgi-value>
    <remote.cgi-value name="add2"><value-of class="recipient" field="add2"/></remote.cgi-value>
    <remote.cgi-value name="city"><value-of class="recipient" field="city"/></remote.cgi-value>
    <remote.cgi-value name="state"><value-of class="recipient" field="state"/></remote.cgi-value>
    <remote.cgi-value name="zip"><value-of class="recipient" field="zip"/></remote.cgi-value>
    <remote.cgi-value name="country"><value-of class="recipient" field="country"/></remote.cgi-value>
    <remote.cgi-value name="phone"><value-of class="recipient" field="phone"/></remote.cgi-value>
    <remote.cgi-value name="email"><value-of class="recipient" field="email"/></remote.cgi-value>
    <remote.cgi-value name="total"><value-of class="orderitem" field="total"/></remote.cgi-value>

This is only an example. There are additional parameters which can be passed to your script, to see list of variables, see "Here's a list of variables we can pass", above. You might have questions about setting up Custom Fields at this stage. You can read about Custom Fields in this documentation. 以上示例仅供参考。其他参数也可以传递至您的脚本程序。要查阅参数列表,请参阅以上的“这是我们能传值的参数清单”。您目前可能对设置自定义参数有疑问,您可以查阅此文件

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This is the option if you are using the third party Armadillo code generator. For this setup you will need three fields from the Armadillo setup you have created. The Key Type, Encryption Template, Encryption Level, and quantity based delivery. You will be asked to enter those in the product setup wizard. Based on that information we will generate an Armadillo registration code that will be sent to the customer. 这是当您使用第三方Armadillo注册码生成器时的选项。要设置此选项,您将需要从您所建立的Armadillo设置中输入三个字段的信息,即The Key Type(注册码类型)、Encryption Template(加密模式)和Encryption Level(加密层级)。产品设置向导将提示您输入以上信息,然后我们会根据那些信息生成适合发送给客户的Armadillo注册码。

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Download 下载

For this option, you can either deliver a full version download or a trial version (to clarify, a download link will be provided to the customer after the purchase. The file is hosted by MyCommerce). If you choose to deliver a trial version as the standard download, you will want to also choose an additional license option to deliver license information to the customer. 在该选项中,您可以交付完整版下载或试用版(清晰地说,客户在购买后可获得下载链接。档案是会放在MyCommerce的服务器上)。如果您选择把试用版作为标准下载,那么您应该也在向客户交付许可证信息时选取额外的许可证选项。

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Single Fixed单个固定许可证

This option is helpful if you deliver a single fixed license code. 如果您交付的是单个固定的许可代码,那么此选项是很有用的。

XML Example XML示例

<product-configuration> <delivery> <deliver-fixed-license code="UniqueCodeHere"/> </delivery> </product-configuration>

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CDDelivery 光盘交付

Please see this documentation for information about setting up a CD Delivery for your product. 关于设置产品的光盘交付信息,请参阅this documentation

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