Order Payment Methods: Purchase Order

Purchase Order is a payment method used by companies (it is not available to individuals). We do not automatically offer this payment method on your account as we found that it was not suitable to all products sold through our service and confused some purchasers. If you feel that this payment method is appropriate to your product and customers, then you must have it checked in your Marketing --> Checkout Settings section of your control panel.

As an alternate form of payment to credit cards online, customers may select the Purchase Order payment method. This payment method is available in USD only, and when enabled for your account, is located on the online order form in the drop down box next to "Payment Method". 作为网上信用卡的候补支付形式,客户可能会选择采购订单这种支付方式。该支付方式仅限于美元,在您的账户激活后显示在网上订购单中的"Payment Method"旁边的下拉框中。

Customer Process 客户流程

After submitting an order with "Purchase Order" chosen as the payment method, the customer will immediately receive instructions for remitting their official company Purchase Order to us by fax or postal mail and they will be instructed to include the order number on their Purchase Order. Credit references may be requested. When our accounting department receives the customer's official company Purchase Order they will review it. If the Purchase Order is accepted then the order will be finalized (set to completed) and the customer will be sent an invoice by our accounting department. 客户在提交了"Purchase Order"支付的订单之后,将立刻收到关于如何以传真或邮寄方式向我们支付公司的正式采购订单的说明并且获得需在他们的采购订单上注明订单号的提示。可能会要求信用保证人。我们的会计部将审查所收到的客户公司的正式采购订单。如果接受了采购订单,订单则完成,同时客户将收到会计部的发票。

Note: Orders using the Purchase Order payment method are subject to an additional $10.00 USD order processing fee. 注:采购订单支付的订单需要收取10.00美元额外订单处理费用。

Note: For orders that customers entered online in which they selected an offline payment method (Bank/Wire Transfer, Check/Money Order, Fax-Credit Card, Invoice, Open Invoice (European) and Purchase Order), the order will show the date that the customer entered the order online rather than the date that the order completed. To see the date that the order completed, please open the order and view the information listed in the History tab. 注:对于那些客户在网上订购并选择以线下支付方式(银行/电汇、支票/邮政汇票、传真信用卡、发票、对公发票(欧洲)和采购订单)的订单,其将显示客户在网上订购时的日期,而不是订单完成的日期。欲查看订单完成的日期,请打开订单,查阅History标签里所列的信息。

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