Order Status Codes

This document will attempt to explain what all the status codes mean and what action that they mean you should take if any. 本文件尝试解释所有的状态代码的含义,以及您应该对状态代码进行哪些操作。

N = New Order N =新订单
New orders track visits to your order form which never turned into a finalized transaction. 新订单追踪的是那些没有转换成最终的交易的访问。

W = Awaiting Payment W =等待支付
With this type of order, a customer has chosen to pay by means other than credit card. This may be via check, fax, or any other alternate method available on our order forms. An order will remain in this status until we receive payment via the alternate method chosen by the customer. Once the payment is received in full, the product will be delivered and the status changed to "C"ompleted. 这类订单是客户选择以非信用卡方式支付,可能是支票、传真或我们订购单上提供的其他任何方式。在我们以客户所选的支付方式收到付款前,订单仍保持该状态。一旦收到全额付款,产品将立刻交付,并将状态改为"C"完成。

I = Billing Page I =付款页面
This is an order for which the customer has submitted at least some bit of user and order information, and for whatever reason did not continue. 这种订单是客户至少提交了一部分用户和订单信息的,但由于各种原因而没有继续完成。

L = Hold L =保留
Held orders are pending a manual review of order information from our customer service department. 保留订单是等待我们的客服部门对订单信息进行人工审查的订单。

C = Complete C =完成
This flag means that this order has been completed and at the current time it is considered to be valid. If you are a vendor that does your own delivery you should deliver the product for this order. Only orders that have the C flag have been payed for. If it does not have the C flag you should not deliver the product. 该标记表明订单已完成而且目前确认有效。如果您是自行交付的发行商,那么您应该交付订单的产品。只有标有C标记的订单才是已支付订单,如若无C标记,则不应交付产品。

F = Failed F =失败
This flag means that this order was not completed. This almost always means that the credit card was not valid for some particular reason. You should not deliver the product. 该标记表明订单没有完成,通常是指由于某种原因信用卡无效。您不应交付产品。

A = Authorizing A =授权中
The order is in the process of charging the card. If an order is sitting on this status code you should consider this to be a failed order and not deliver the product. 该订单处于信用卡扣款授信过程中。如果订单一直处于这种状态代码,那么您应该视它为失败订单,不要交付产品。

P = Confirmation / Purchase Agreement P =确认/购买协议
After the user fills out the entry from they are given a confirmation screen which shows what they are ordering, how much the charge will be, and an agreement stating they are providing us a valid credit card. When an order is sitting on this status code the order has not been confirmed. I.E. the user has not clicked on the Accept button on this screen. Again you should not deliver the product. 在用户填完输入框的内容后,他们会看到一个显示他们所订购的产品、费用以及声明他们会向我们提供有效信用卡的协议的确认页面。如果该订单一直是这个状态代码,则表明客户仍未确认订单,也就是说,用户还没有点击该确认页面上的Accept按钮。同样,您不应该交付产品。

R = Refunded R =退货
This means the order has been refunded. Normally, you did this however, Register Now does sometimes refund orders upon user complaints. 这表明订单已被退款。通常来说,订单由您来退款,但Register Now有时会根据用户投诉而将订单退款。。

T = Test Order T =测试订单
Fairly self explanatory. Any order with this flag set should be ignored. Register Now may run test transactions from time to time in the process of ensuring that the system is working perfectly. You can also run test transactions. Please read the documentation on how to run test orders for more information. 从字面也很容易理解。所有标有本标记的订单都应该忽略。Register Now在保证系统正常运行过程中有时也会调用交易测试。更多信息请参阅关于如何进行订单测试的相关文件。

H = Chargeback H =拒付
Chargebacks are probably the least understood status code so it is very important that you read this. We use the best methods that we have available to us to ensure that a transaction is valid before we set it to a completed state. Unfortunately, fraud does happen and no matter what actions you take you can't always prevent it. A chargeback means the following course of action has occured. The owner of the card that the transaction was charged gets their statement (this can take a while). The person then sees the charge and goes to the bank and says that they didn't authorize that charge. The bank then requests evidence from us showing that the cardholder did authorize the charge. We provide that evidence and the bank shows it to the cardholder. If the cardholder still maintains that they didn't authorize the charge, the bank may issue a chargeback if they feel that the cardholder is being truthful. The bank then takes the funds back from us and we as a result must do the same. You can prevent many chargebacks by being quick to respond to customer complaints and issuing refunds when customers request them. We do reserve the right to stop selling for vendors that have too high of a chargeback rate. 拒付很可能是最不理解的状态代码了,因此很有必要阅读此文。在订单完成之前,我们将使用一切可利用的方法来保证交易有效。遗憾的是,不管您采取怎样的措施,欺诈还是防不胜防,还是会发生。拒付表示以下行为过程已经发生。支付所使用的卡的所有者拿到对账单(这得经过一段时间),当他看到交易扣款后向银行声明他们并未授权支付该费用。这样,银行便会因持卡人未授权支付该费用而要求我们提交证据,银行把我们所提交的证据出示给持卡人,如果持卡人仍然坚持说他未授权支付费用,且银行认为持卡人所述真实,那么银行将颁布拒付。这样银行会从我们帐上索回款项,结果我们也得从你那取回款项。如果能及时回复客户的投诉和在客户要求退款时进行退款,您是可以避免很多拒付单发生的。我们保留对有高拒付率的发行商停止为其销售的权利。

B = Batched B =批处理
Normally our system processes transactions immediately with the credit card processor. Unfortunately, our connection to the credit card processor has gone down on occasion. When this occurs all orders are taken and batched to be processed. Users are given a screen telling them that their order will be processed soon. When the processor comes back up we immediately process these orders. This is a rare case but the system is designed in such a way that you do not lose orders. 通常我们的系统能直接与信用卡处理公司处理交易,但不幸的是,有时我们与信用卡处理公司连接不上,这样所有的订单将会被收集起来以待整批处理。客户会看到他们的订单将会被尽快处理的提示页面,一旦处理公司重新上线,我们将立刻处理这些订单。这种情况很少见到,但我们的系统旨在不让您丢失订单

S = Reprocess S =重新处理
An order can be in the reprocess status for a couple of reasons. The generic reason is simply that some detail about the order has changed and we wish to retry the order external of the customer's web browser. An order is normally in the reprocess status for no more than 15 minutes or so, and depending on the outcome of the retry attempt it may either complete or fail. 有好几种原因可导致订单处于重新处理状态。一般是因为订单的某些细节信息有改动,我们因此希望不靠客户网页浏览器而重试订单。通常订单的重新处理状态仅需要15分钟左右,订单的成功与失败由重试结果决定。

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