Affiliate Tracking

Now, MyCommerce can support tracking of affiliate downloads and sales in addition to the traditional cookie-based tracking system. Using the MyCommerce affiliate program you have two options for enabling affiliates to earn commissions on trials: 目前MyCommerce除了支持传统的基于cookie的追踪系统,还可以追踪代销商的下载和销售。在MyCommerce代销商方案中,您有两个选项能使代销商从试用版产品中获得佣金:

  • Affiliates can now request your product file from the MyCommerce system which will include their affiliate ID within the buy URL, assuring credit for the sale. This solution, hosted by the affiliate, is fully automated and removes the need for you to manage one-off custom builds for your affiliate partners.

  • Affiliates simply link to the MyCommerce system for on-the-fly downloads and custom builds. Each download request dynamically inserts the affiliate ID into the buy URL. This solution easily scales, because MyCommerce hosts the file and all affiliates use the same file. All you have to do is update one file. This eliminates the need for affiliates to re-download your file in the event of an upgrade or patch.

    Here's how it works: 这里是它的运作方式:

    1. Incorporate Affiliate Tracking Code Into Your Trial.

      Click the link below for a Word document with detailed instructions as well as sample code in several formats: 获取详细Word文档说明以及几种格式的代码示例:

    2. Add Your Trial To The MyCommerce Control Panel.

      Complete the following steps: 完成下列步骤:
      1. When you create a new product, you can select a previously uploaded trial file or upload a new file to your account to be used by this product.
      2. If you upload your file via Catalog --> Components --> Product Files, ensure you check the ‘Affiliate Tracking’ box. This triggers the Affiliate Tracking Mechanism within your code PLUS makes your title available to affiliates as a downloadable item.
      3. Attach the file you created in Catalog --> Components --> Product Files by going to your Catalog --> Products --> Manage Products section of your control panel. Edit your product and edit the Marketing section of your product. Check the Affiliate Network checkbox and add your trial file.

    3. Advertise.

      Let your existing affiliates know that your products are available for download in addition to Buy Now links. If they link to MyCommerce for the trial, they are guaranteed to be pushing out the latest version of your software because updates are done automatically through the MyCommerce system. Also, begin recruiting new affiliates that may only be interested in offering downloadable titles. By adding downloadable content to the MyCommerce affiliate program, you’ve taken the first step towards acquiring more affiliate relationships and greater online revenues.
      让您的现有代销商知道您的产品除了提供Buy Now链接还提供试用下载。如果他们的试用版下载链接指向了MyCommerce,他们就能确保所推行的软件是您的最新版本——因为更新是通过MyCommerce系统自动完成。另外,可以招募那些可能只对提供可下载产品感兴趣的新代销商。通过把可下载的内容添加到在MyCommerce代销商方案,您就已迈出了建立更多代销商关系和获得更好的在线收入的第一步。

    Once you've done this coding, each time a file is downloaded from MyCommerce on behalf of your affiliates, a 'buy url' will be created and stored on the user's machine. When the end user clicks to buy your program, they will be taken to this stored URL. 一旦完成这个编码,每当经由代销商的链接到MyCommerce下载档案时,一个'buy url'将被建立并存储在用户的机器上。当终端用户点击购买您的产品时,他们将会被带到所储存的链接。

    What are the benefits to this option? 该选项有什么益处?

    1. Once your code has been updated with this new tracking option, this single program can be delivered via MyCommerce to any affiliate, without having to create custom builds each time. This saves you quite a bit of time!

    2. Your affiliate sales will grow as their confidence grows in the assurance they will get credit for each sale.

    3. Cookies are still used as a backup, continuing with the current solution today.

    Please note that Affiliate Tracking does not provide any Digital Rights Management(DRM). It only tracks affiliate sales of your trial products. 请注意代销商追踪不提供任何数字版权管理(DRM),它只追踪您的试用产品的代销商销售。

    That's it! Integrate, upload, create the affiliate relationships and continue to sell your programs. 就是这么简单!整合、上传、建立代销商关系、继而销售您的产品。

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